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July 20, 2017
This summer we have been blessed to host numerous fantastic acts on our patio. Starting with the Stray Birds, who absolutely lifted the roof with harmonies and some of the best original songwriting we have heard, to the compact Freddie and Francine who brought a dash of soul fullness to the courtyard. The sounds reverberating at Feist Wines of new artists keeps coming.

This week end, July 21-22, we are pleased to present Wood and Wire for our Friday show and Jazz Gitan for Saturday. Both performances begin at 7:30 pm. Wood and Wire take us to the traditional Appalachian sphere with foot stomping good times.

Jazz Gitan hits the opposite spectrum of 20th century music with tight and lively django style jazz.

Our wood fired pizza will be piping hot with our new signature pizza: try the jalapeno, fresh corn, shallot and chevre.

Don't forget next week we are hosting the Slow Motion Cowboys, a dose of cerebral counterculturalism for our frenetic times. As their name suggests, they will break up the pace of a hot summer night during the Amador County Fair week end.


June 27, 2017
Join us Saturday! Sangria all day Moroccan street food six to eight!

15 Eureka Street
Sutter Creek

Kefta Kebabs (Spiced Ground Sirloin) with Harissa and Turmeric-Cucumber Yogurt Sauce Saffron

Ginger Chicken and Date Kabobs with Honey Glaze Roasted Vegetable Couscous

Griddled Berber Bread

M'hancha Cinnamon Spiced, Almond Paste Pastry with Orange Blossoms
Reservations Recommended 209-267-8020 or susan@feistwines.com


June 27, 2017
Looking forward to the weekend! Great music, wood fired pizza and the County Fair!

See you all Friday at the Fairgrounds Friday and in Sutter Creek Saturday!


May 24, 2016

Looking forward to the weekend! Trash to treasures in Sutter Creek in the am and then farm to fork barbecue starting at noon! South Sac Jooks Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm and Winemaker Tony Feist 12 pm Sunday!


March 3, 2016
Join us at our new location in Sutter Creek! 15 Eureka Street


November 24, 2015
Back from Sacramento with a refrigerator full of local produce. We love the bounty of Northern California! Looking forward to a day full of cooking, eating and wine! We are so thankful! And our first born back from college, thats a milestone!

Friday join us for the South Sac Jooks, deals on wine and artisan cheese, charcuterie and grilled Fra' Mani sausages!

Then next week Sean Watkins comes to town, we cant wait! Check him out with Nickel Creek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFycqnOpifQ


October 7, 2015
We are happy to be almost done with crush! We have Zinfandel, Barbera and Viognier that is almost done fermenting! The Viognier will be available in January while the reds will spend at least a year and a half in the barrel.

Looking forward to Legends of Wine tomorrow night! Join us on the steps of the Capitol building to celebrate the Sacramneto region's best wines!


October 7, 2015
Ready for an October full of live music, South Sac Jooks, October 17, Heather Maloney Friday, October 30 and Sean Watkins November 6 &7!


October 7, 2015
Wow! Already all of the grapes are in and turned to wine! And now we are about to the Amador Big Crush event October 3 and 4! And then two concerts Heather Maloney and Sean Watkins are coming through! Life is good...


July 21, 2015
What a great weekend this past one was in the middle of July! One of our favorite bands Mandolin Orange played two shows Saturday. The last time they played the tasting room they were fabulous but they are even better! Life on the road seems to agree with Andrew and Emily! They were accompanied by tour manager Josh Oliver for part of the show. Look for great things from him, #realtalent!

Now fair week is upon us. The animals are loading in to the fairgrounds, we are polishing our gold #bestofclass medal for the 2014 Viognier and we will see many of you at the Fair tasting Friday!


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